Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ok, so I'm still learning this blogging thing. Sorry it's been so long since my last post. 

Well since the last time I posted, my girlfriend of almost a year and I broke up. looking back I probably should have seen it coming. I guess you could say we've been breaking up for several months, but making it real still hurts deep. I know I'll get over her in time but it's hard to think of my future without her. I learned so much from being with her. I miss her so much and everything still looks more colorless than it should. Maybe we will be back together someday but for a while we were just hurting each other. I don't understand completely why we had to break up, but I hope will someday. 

In the meantime I've been trying to distract myself. I spent 4 hours starting to learn python, and the rest of the day watching movies and listening to music. Right now I think I'll go for a run and do a bit of cleaning. I'll see if I can post tomorrow or forget about my blog again. haha.